Special Pirts ritual for couples

This ritual will be a lovely adventure for the couple before the wedding.
The ritual is also meant for couples who want to re-establish their relationship, to look at yourself and at your other half from a different angle and see what is lost in everyday rush.

SERVICE PRICE: 300 EUR for a couple.

If you also want relaxing back massage, then in addition to 1 person  15 EUR.

Energy Pirts ritual (Ritual whipping) - arranging thoughts and reducing stress

A slow, relaxing Pirts ritual that reduces stress and gives internal peace and improves health.  During the ritual, we use bundles of herbs, deciduous and coniferous trees. We offer massage, scrubbing and ritual whipping.  The host and the hostess of the sauna carry out the Pirts ritual whipping.  This is the time in the first half of the day or in the evening when the sauna-lovers are taking on good feelings, which are reinforced during the common discussion.

SERVICE PRICE: 150 EUR for 1 person; 250 EUR for 2 people, 100 EUR for 1 person if you are visiting 3-4 people.