About us

We, Inese and Juris, will be glad to meet   each sauna-lover in the Lejasmārtiņi Pirts.

We put our knowledge and experience into our hobby, which has become of vital interest to us.

We have made sure that Pirts is more than a pleasant relaxation. Pirts ritual whipping restores lost energy and harmonizes physical and mental balance. We would like to encourage all those who do not have the best sauna experience or who do not like heat.  

All the twig bundles are made with our own hands; we collect herbs for teas, scrubs in our meadow and our garden and we dry and prepare them by ourselves.

What is Pirts?

The Latvian Pirts differs from the traditional sauna, where there is usually dry air and high heat, around 90 degrees Celsius.

Latvians fire their Pirts with wood. Hot water is poured on heated stones during the Pirts procedure, from which vapors are formed, and Latvians call it the Spirit of Pirts. The air is wet in the Latvian Pirts and the temperature is around 65 degrees Celsius. 

Heating, scrubbing and ritual whipping takes place in Pirts. Whipping is done with birch, oak, maple, lime-tree, coniferous and various other bundles. Latvians believe that God comes in with the aromas of herbs; you just cannot see it but you can feel it.